Gaudeamus Muziekweek

6 - 10 September 2017                           From classical crossover and minimal soundscapes to modern composition with (live) electronics. Gaudeamus Muziekweek presents the newest music by young music pioneers during the eponymous and highly renowned music festival in Utrecht, the Netherlands.  


06 Sep 2017

PROFOUND SOUND – Asko|Schönberg + Cappella Amsterdam ▸▸

07 Sep 2017

Composer On Stage – Shalygin ▸▸

10 Sep 2017

RUSSIAN FUTURISM – Utrecht String Quartet + Thorwald Jørgensen ▸▸

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Utrecht Muziek


Saturday 18 Mar 2017
GMW Sessies #15 start: 20:00 Location: Muziekhuis Utrecht Price: € 5 › Tickets
Composers: Mikhailova, Anna (1984) , Petrovic, Gagi (1986)

The (irregular) Gaudeamus Muziekweek Sessies feature work-in-progress by young ensembles and (as yet) unknown composers. Plus, try-outs of our own productions and foretastes of the festival programme. Tonight, two try-outs: Passing Sounds and Anna Mikhailova’s LILITH.

#intimate experiment
#football opera
#different listening

Music can make time stand still. That magic moment where all borders between musicians, the audience and the space they share disappear. That’s what composers/musicians Albert Manders, Hinse Mutter and Gagi Petrovic look for in Passing Sounds. A series of concerts with contemporary composed music in unusual places for the broadest possible audience. The three composers play their own music and their sources of inspiration – 2oth Century giants like Sciarrino, Webern, Ligeti, Cage and Tenney – in the middle of the audience, spread across the building or walking around, taking the audience with them.

Russian composer Anna Mikhailova has been working for some years on her magical dream project, the Ultimate Game Opera, that features three (!) football teams and ten characters. Every character get its own Act. Two new acts premiere on the 1st of April in the Pianola Museum in Amsterdam. Tonight you get a sneak peek at the making of these acts.

Samuel Vriezen voice, piano, mouth-harp as Lucifer-Lucebert | Wilco Oomkes accordion as Raoul Vaneigem | Vincent Martig clarinet, voice as Henri Lefebvre | Anna Mikhailova voice, objects, pianola aka Ballkeeper | Guillermo Viana drums, voice | Harrie Van de Voort pianola, cornet

#intimate experiment
#new performance experience


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