Gaudeamus Muziekweek

6 - 10 September 2017                           From classical crossover and minimal soundscapes to modern composition with (live) electronics. Gaudeamus Muziekweek presents the newest music by young music pioneers during the eponymous and highly renowned music festival in Utrecht, the Netherlands.  


06 Sep 2017

PROFOUND SOUND – Asko|Schönberg + Cappella Amsterdam ▸▸

07 Sep 2017

Composer On Stage – Shalygin ▸▸

10 Sep 2017

RUSSIAN FUTURISM – Utrecht String Quartet + Thorwald Jørgensen ▸▸

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Utrecht Muziek

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Dinsdag 14 06 2016
Meet the 2016 Nominees

The Gaudeamus Award is a prestigious award granted to a new music pioneer younger than the age of 30. The winner is selected by our three jury members (Seung-Won Oh, Pierre Jodlowski, and Willem Jeths) at the end of Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2016 (September 7th-11th) and includes a commision of 5,000 euros as well as recognition in the Netherlands and abroad. This year 5 composers were selected out of a pool of more that 175 scores from 28 countries with the help of representatives from our category ensembles: Amsterdam Sinfonietta (Willem de Bordes), Silbersee (MaNOj Kamps) and Ensemble Modelo62 (Ezequiel Menalled).

The nominees include:

* James O’Callaghan (1988, Canada)

* David Bird (1990, USA)

* Anthony Vine (1988, USA)

* Shih-Wei Lo (1985, Taiwan)

* Giulio Colangelo (1986, Italy)

More information can be found by clicking on the composer’s name, following our facebook page, or visiting the playlist on our youtube channel.

More about the Gaudeamus Award


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